School Staff

The School Staff are as follows:

Mark McDonald                                        Principal

Teaching Staff

Oide Aoife Smith                                     Teacher of Science, Maths and CSPE

Oide Etain O’Moore                                Guidance Counsellor

Oide Colette Duffy                                  Teacher of Home Economics, Business Studies & Religious Education

Oide Gavin O’Donnell                             Teacher of Irish, French, Music & Performing Arts

Oide Lyndsey Balfe                                  Teacher of Technology, Technical      Graphics, Maths & Coding

Oide Paul Geraghty                                  Teacher of Geography, History & PE

Oide Leanne Ryan                                    Teacher of Maths and Science (Biology & Chemistry)

Oide Niamh Canavan                               Teacher of Art and Performance Art

Oide Ferran Sierra Martinez                  Teacher of Spanish, PE and SPHE

Oide Conor Savage                                   Teacher of English and Religion

Oide Katie O’Mahoney                             Teacher of English, Performance Art and History

Oide Ciara Punch                                      Teacher of Maths, SPHE and Coding

Oide Carmel Clarke                                   Teacher of English, Religion and Music

Oide Greg O’Reilly                                     Teacher of French, Philosophy and Wellbeing

Oide Robyn Reilly                                      Teacher of Business, Geography and PE

Learning Support Staff

Oide Lynn Nevin                                       Special Needs Assistant

Oide Marian O’Neill                                  Special Needs Assistant

Oide Sinead McClean                               Special Needs Assistant

Oide Rachel Mahoney                              Special Needs Assistant

Ancillary Staff

Caitríona Prendeville                               School Secretary

Rory O’Connor                                           School Caretaker