Principal’s Address

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Principal’s Address

I am delighted to welcome you to our new website and to Swords Community College.  I am very fortunate to be Principal of this new, vibrant community college, which was established to respond to the increasing population in the wider Swords area.  We are a Tradigital college, which embraces and combines the best of technology, alongside the proven and effective traditional teaching methods.

Swords Community College (SCC) is a warm, welcoming, inclusive, innovative, multi-belief college, which puts the learners at the centre of all activities.  We encourage the development of 21st Century learning skills, allowing learners to take ownership of their learning; to explore, enquire and direct their own learning experiences.  All our learning practices are facilitated by a team of passionate and dedicated teachers.  SCC provides technology-enhanced learning environments, as we aspire to be a Digital School.  Learners will use iPads and other technologies in the classroom on a daily basis, allowing us to build the school of the future, now.

As Principal, I will ensure that SCC strives for the highest academic standards, yet these are built on the foundation of exceptional pastoral care structures.  Our learners are safe and respected in school, which then allows them to succeed and achieve their full potential.  We work with learners to develop the knowledge and skills they will need for Third Level education and for life itself.

I am passionate about education and its ability to develop and transform young people into wise, mindful young adults.  I have a clear vision for our college which allows us to achieve this through outstanding and responsive teaching, student-centred learning and a warm, welcoming environment.  That is the environment we are building in Swords Community College!